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  • How did you get into the porn business?
    I’ve been acting and modeling since I was in diapers. I started in the adult industry in 2010 with a website called Stuff In My Muff.
  • Do you get any sexual pleasure when you’re filming?  Or is it all acting?
    In this industry, you have to have a certain mindset and level of “disconnect” when performing to remove unnecessary emotions that may interfere with the scene being filmed.
  • What are your turn-ons and turn-offs?
    Turn-ons: threesomes, sloppy enthusiastic blowjobs, prostate stimulation, squirting, creampie, cum swap. Turn-offs: shit, bad blowjobs.
  • What do your friends and family think of your career choice?
    It’s very simple for me... I don’t have time in my life for anyone who doesn’t support me or my decisions - business or personal.
  • When did you first see porn?
    I was 8 years old when my cousin gave me a Hustler magazine to look at while he was doing his homework.
  • How do you feel about people illegally downloading your work?
    If people knew how much time and effort went into producing content (videos and photographs), they’d pay me twice as much and never complain.
  • How big is your dick?
    The long answer - big enough to put my Tinder date in the emergency room on our first date for a $40,000 surgery to repair a torn vaginal wall! Short answer - 8”.
  • Are you gay or straight?
    I am straight.
  • How do romantic partners deal with you being on camera with other women/men?
    They have to trust me 1000%, understand that this is my job and that I maintain a very high level of professionalism when I am on set. I’m there to work - not find a girlfriend.
  • Have you ever done anything you weren’t completely comfortable doing?
    I try to stay open-minded sexually and believe that sometimes putting myself into uncomfortable situations is the only way to grow. I won’t do anything I’m not comfortable doing, though.
  • Have you ever fallen for a co-star?
    Yes. Once.
  • Can you teach people how to make someone squirt?
    Yes. It’s my specialty.
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